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Robble - A - GoGo - The Hamburglars - 10; (Vinyl)


  1. Audio & playlist from August 19,
  2. Music and Interruptions. We are a non-commercial student run radio station from the University of Montana, Missoula, MT.
  3. Nov 29,  · Thanksgiving Eve was the "pre-gobble robble" starting The Hamburglars and Hotlips Messiah; two of the better and under-rated bands from the Chicago area. They were kicking off the mini-holiday in a small bar on the second floor of the Lucky Number Grill. Sporting a new drummer and Indian headdresses, Hotlips Messiah took the stage/floor first..
  4. Dec 17,  · The Hamburglars: Behind The Scenes of Robble Robble - Duration: A. Ray views. The Hamburglars - Shamrock Shake on Chic-A-Go-Go! - Duration: robblevision 12, views.
  5. Local “Robble Rousers” The Hamburglars will also be in attendance for photo ops/meet and greet. Demented Punk T-shirts and pins will be in-stock and available for purchase. The first 50 people to purchase a CD or vinyl copy of “Dr. Demento Covered in Punk” at the Music Millennium Instore will receive a FREE “Cockroach That Ate.
  6. The Hamburglars are four burger obsessed garage rock fiends with one goal in mind. swiping your burgers! When not thieving or plotting to theive, they can be found performing their special breed of Garage-Punk known as Rock-N-Robble at bars, clubs and just about anywhere. This 10 inch record features six sizzling cuts of Rock-n-Robble that The.
  7. A blog about the adventures of local reviewer spotlighting the vibrant music scene and more of Chicago.
  8. Sep 17,  · Hamburglars 01 Burger Bop 02 Burgesa Con Queso 03 Damnburglar 04 Playland 05 Hamburglar Creep 06 Shamrock Shake 07 Open After Midnight 08 RO-BB-LE 09 Track09 10 Supersize 11 Robble-a-Go Go 12 Robble-Core 13 Robblitter 14 Wantchya Mac 15 Done With Cheese 16 Robble In the Sun Mac Sabbath 01 intro 02 More Ribs 03 Chicken for .

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