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  1. One of the best damn tracks Metallica has ever recorded.
  2. Named after its excessively gassy flavor and smell, Motorbreath crosses Chemdog and SFV OG Kush. This award-winning strain produces a flavorful smoke with notes of fuel, earth, and citrus. If /5(79).
  3. This song is about living in the fast lane, not sitting back and letting life go by. The true metal way. The Motorhead influence is seen right in the title. James Hetfield wrote this song with his.
  4. Jul 02,  · We have an official Motorbreath tab made by UG professional guitarists. Check out the tab».
  5. Motorbreath cannabis strain by Pisces Genetics is an Indica dominant hybrid. The aroma and flavour are hard to nail down and include a range of chemicals, lemons, meat and fuel with undertones of piney garlic. Suitable for evening usage.4/5(1).
  6. Mar 24,  · Fit for experienced users, Motorbreath is a rare hybrid with a potent fuel-like taste. The calming effects make this pungent cannabis a perfect addition to a nighttime routine/5(15).
  7. Motorbreath It's how I live my life I can't take it any other way Motorbreath The sign of living fast It is going to take Your breath away Those people who tell you not to take chances They are all missing on what life is about You only live once so take hold of the chance Don't end up like others the same song and dance Motorbreath It's how I.
  8. Motorbreath’s effects are described as euphoric, having a strong body high, and increasing appetite. After a little while it creeps up on you and can hit you with a wave of relaxation and sleep. This strain is described as having a “numbing” effect that works great for pain. The terpene profile of this strain includes limonene, which.
  9. Aug 04,  · Motorbreath strain yield, Great outdoor harvest yields oz. for every plant. Motorbreath is an outstanding strain of relaxation, but it’s not too hard to cultivate. Indoor. Indoor cultivation enables growers to pamper their plants and then get the absolute best harvests. Look for plants to achieve 4 to 5 feet.

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