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Never Gonna See Me


  1. Man, his wife is never gonna see through his throwaway account (probably because she is a figment of his creative writing) Fockin ridic • Posted by 9 hours ago. AITA for saying no for a boob job and nose job my wife want she called me controlling.
  2. Feb 09,  · Climb up on a hilltop, baby, see what I can see, yeah. The whole world's fallin' down oh babe, right down in front of me. Cause I'm hung up, on dreams, I'm never gonna see, yeah. Lord help me baby, dreams get the best of me yet. Pull myself together, gonna put on a new face, yeah. Gonna climb down from the hilltop, baby, Lord, get back in the race.
  3. No, you're never gonna see me cry Feel the cold, feel the cold But you don't know why No, you're never gonna see me Never gonna see me cry [Verse 2] The heart is just another pop song playing And you can't even tell what the hell they're saying Set the market on fire Be an escort for hire The soul is a waiting room for heaven.

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