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Im Dead - Broken Talent - Rules No One (Vinyl, LP, Album)


  1. May 31,  · It was supposed to be so easy. We didn't even set ourselves the task of picking the absolute, definitive best 50 albums for audiophiles – and in reality this is just a selection of records from a collection of hundreds or thousands – but still it felt close to deciding which of your limbs you'd least mind being torn off by a bear.. We did, however, manage to compile the below list of
  2. VULVODYNIA - Mob Justice by Lacerated Enemy records, released 30 June 1. Feast 2. Mob Justice 3. Blood Diamond 4. Born Into Filth (Feat. Alex Taylor of Malevolence) 5. Famine 6. Echoes Of The Motherland 7. Nyaope (Feat. Martin Matousek of Gutalax) 8. Reclaim The Crown Part I: The Burning Kingdom (Feat. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder) 9.
  3. They're just stupid,broken promises I think i'm gone beyond repair My mind is shot, i don't care Despair comes knocking at my door Every day, i let her in I'm nothing no one, no one cares They don't understand I'm on a death trip, death trip Feeling everyday like i'm out my head Death trip Wishing everyday i was already dead Death trip. If you.
  4. Sonic Graffiti by Sonic Graffiti, released 16 July 1. Broke my Brain 2. Fuck the Police Fuck the Jesus Freaks 3. Mutiny on the Ant Hill 4. Let's Die Again 5. I'm the Slut 6. I Wanna Love Love but Love Don't Love Me 7. Witch in My Heart 8. Broken Window 9. Party Song for my Funeral Ghost Steppin Good Time in Misery
  5. SPELLS + RITUALS by Charming Disaster, released 07 June 1. Blacksnake 2. Wishing Well 3. Baba Yaga 4. Devil May Care 5. Blue Bottle Blues 6. Heart of Brass 7. Keep Moving 8. Belladonna Melodrama 9. Fire Eater Be My Bride of Frankenstein Soft Apocalypse "Charming Disaster has an affinity for monsters, mortality, paranormal activity and unearthly shenanigans The songs on Spells.
  6. Broken Record Player Lyrics: Hook / Sounding like a broken record player / Sounding like a broken record player / Sounding like a broken record player / Sounding like a broken record player / You.
  7. Given Escovedo eventually got past this I'm presuming he found the experience cathartic but a whole album of breast-beating would have been difficult to stomach. As it is, lines like "What I've lost is gone. What I've gained has no name" ("Broken Bottle"), "I close my eyes and waste a wish. You know I gave you my very best but it wasn't good.
  8. Apr 02,  · This was made in a couple of minutes as a private joke. Some got upset. The blurb read; A tutorial by Evel Genius Video produced by The Council Of The Fourth.
  9. Providence by Single Lash, released 26 October 1. Come True 2. Frozen Honey 3. Shredder Orpheus 4. Visitations 5. Asthma 6. Unheard 7. Broken Tongue 8. Final Complaints Nicolas Nadeau audaciously bares all as the frontman of Austin’s preeminent shoegaze ensemble Single Lash on their debut LP Providence out October 26, Heavy walls of effects drenched guitars and synthesizers .

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